Sunday, 17 December 2017

17.12. Wooden Wreath

Happy Third Advent Sunday! This big wreath is great for decorating an empty space on a wall. Welcoming wreaths are an essential part of Christmas decorations. I like to have many wreaths around the house during the Christmas season. Good places are doors, walls and windows. This wooden wreath proves that stunning effect can be achieved with few ingredients. I  chose big 3,5 cm wooden beads to have a bold look.

You will need:

50 wooden beads 3,5 cm
Two metal hoops
Faux spruce branches
Cotton yarn
Hot glue gun
Strong wire cutters

How to:

Step 1. Open metal hoops with wire cutters and put the beads in.

Step 2. To close a hoop use hot glue that you put inside a bead and move the bead to the seam. Put more glue around the hole.

Step 3. Attach hoops together with cotton yarn. Decorate small empty gap between beads and hoops with ribbon and faux spruce branches.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

16.12. Felt Star Mug Coasters

If you are familiar with the Creative Night Shift philosophy you might know that when ever it is possible I try to use recycled materials. For me it is impossible to put away beautiful material, even though I wouldn't be sure how I am going to use it. Today's DIY Felt Star Mug Coaster are made of a woolen pullover that was ruined in wash. Over a year ago I made these quilted sitting pads using ruined pullovers. I still had that material left so I came up with this idea to make mug coasters.

You will need:

Woolen pullover that has felted
Sewing yarn
Sewing machine
Cardboard paper

How to:

Step 1. Draw the star model to a cardboard paper. Draw two circles with compass smaller inside the bigger. Bigger one's radius 7,5 cm, smaller one's 3,5 cm. Divide the circle to  12 sectors with a 30 degree angle. Now draw the star connecting points from every inner circle point to outer circle and back to inner circle. Cut out the model.

Step 2. Cut two stars from felt using the model. Sew stars together.

Step 3. Decorate the star with beads. Make more coasters with the same method.

Friday, 15 December 2017

15.12. Snowball Christmas Tree Lights

Happy Friday! We have been crafting together for 14 posts already. Has it been fun? Now it is time for 15th post which means only 10 ten days left til Christmas. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here don't you think? Christmas tree has gotten three kinds of new ornaments and window looks like it is ready to take any winter storm that might occur these midwinter days. We have made cute fairylights with sticker paper. Today I share a tip how to make these organic shape lights to finish the nature inspired Christmas tree. On my opinion these white lights would also be stunning as a bunch, it would look like a modern design light. I might use these fairylights after Christmas too because these are so stylish. Best part in this DIY is as always the fact that you can choose to make the lights in any color you want!

You will need:

Led fairylights that do not heat
Small water balloons
White tissuepaper (or any color/pattern tissuepaper you want to use)
Liquid glue
Small brush

How to:

Step 1. Blow the water balloons. 

Step 2. Cut tissuepaper to small pieces. Mix few drops of water to two tablespoons of glue (you can make more when you need).

Step 3. Then decoupage tissuepaper to the balloon. Apply a bit of gluemix to the balloon and place tissuepaper pieces to it. Put about 5 layers of paper all over the balloon. Don't put tissuepaper pieces to rows. It is better if the pieces cross together. When all 5 layers are on their place brush gluemix on top of all. Let dry properly. Make all balloons similarly. 

Step 4. When the balloons are dry make a hole to the water balloon, let it go empty and stretch it out. Decoupage gently two paper pieces to cover the hole in the paper balloon. Let dry. 

Step 5. Make a small hole to the paper balloon and press to a ledlight. 

Thursday, 14 December 2017

14.12. Himmeli Diamond

Series of nature inspired Christmas tree ornaments continues today with a traditional himmeli ornament. It is amazing how beautiful ornaments you can make with the most humble of materials, straws. You could use plastic straws too if you want to make a colorful version. Himmeli diamonds would make an interesting mobile to a window but I used these to decorate the Christmas tree with driftwood and marble ornaments we made few days ago.

You will need:

Wooden beads
Strong cotton yarn (small and medium)
Long thin needle

How to:

Step 1. Soak the straws is warm water 2 hours before cutting. For one diamond cut 8 pieces of each size: a. 9,5 cm, b. 6 cm, c. 4 cm.

Step 2. Take long yarn and needle. Thread in straws a,b,b,a and tie. 

Step 3. Then tie in all a & b pairs. One by one.

Step 4. Then tie in  c straws between the points where a & b straws meet. Finish the yarn and decorate himmeli with beads. Attach a loop from a bit thicker cotton yarn or decorative yarn.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

13.12. Four Ways to Bake Pulla

Korvapuusti is one of the most traditional Finnish coffee table treats. Warm from the oven these sweet buns (pulla) are super tasty. These can also be put to freezer and then offered as a treat for surprise guests that may visit during the Christmas season. I also made one kanelipitko (cinnamon braid), ruusupulla (rose bun) and hillopulla (jam bun), using the same pastry. You can make these buns vegan if you want, there are tips on the recipe. Fun idea for Christmas is to form four different types of buns from the large pastry.

You will need:

1 L milk (you can use Oatly iKaffe oatmilk if you like)
250 g + 50 g butter (you can use margarine)
2 dl sugar
1 tsp salt
8 g cardamom
50 g yeast
about 2 kg wheat flour
(Jam + baking vanilla sauce)

How to:

Step 1. Mix salt and yeast to a paste. Add sugar, salt and medium warm milk. Mix.

Step 2. Add 250 g soft butter. Start adding flour little by little. When the pastry begins to be too thick to mix with a spoon start working with your hand. Add flour little by little, like you would make a bread. When the pastry doesn't stick to your fingers anymore you can let the pastry rest for 45 minutes covered with a towel.

Step 3. When the pastry is about twice the size you can start making buns. Take a bigger piece from the pastry. Put some flour to the table and roll out the pastry to 0,5-1 cm. Apply warm butter all over the pastry. Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top of the butter. Roll the pastry and cut buns from it. If you want to make kanelipitko cut the long roll to two (leave 3 cm uncut from the beginning) and twist the halves together. Ruusupulla: Make a bun from the pastry, let it rest and then cut a cross to the middle with scissors. Put butter and sugar to the cross. Hillopulla: Make 8 from the pastry and let rest. Then press two holes and fill with jam and vanilla sauce.

Step 4. Let the buns rest 30 minutes. Preheat the oven 225 Celsius degrees for small buns and 200 degrees for the braid. Egg the buns or mix together water and sugar to make liquid that you can use to brush the buns. Bake buns about 10 minutes and braid about 15 minutes or until golden brown.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

12.12. Cute Fairy Lights

Hope your December has been going fine so far. We have already opened twelve advent calendar boxes together and there are twelve more to go! Small DIY projects, baking ideas and lifestyle posts bringing Christmas spirit.

During the darkest midwinter months there can't be too many fairy lights. I put lights to vases, windows and walls. Cute small lights are a festive add to table setting or living room table. To make basic warm white lights look more personal you can use sticker paper. 

You will need:

Basic led lights that do not heat
Sticker paper
Cardboard paper

How to:

Step 1. Cut a symmetric leaf model like one in the picture from the cardboard paper. Draw and cut out leaves from sticker paper using the model.

Step 2. Remove the back paper from the sticker leaf and fold the leaf around the wire. If the sticker paper is very transparent remove the back paper only from the other half and let the back paper stay in between.

Monday, 11 December 2017

11.12. Driftwood Ornament

Driftwood ornaments bring nature indoors in a pretty and subtle way. If you have chosen an artificial Christmas tree these ornaments make it look more earthy and traditional. Ornaments work perfectly in a modern tree, with glittery baubles or with traditional straw decor (himmeli). This ornament is also an easy to make filler to a tree that lacks decor. Gather driftwood from the ground and dry a few days before crafting.

You will need:

Driftwood pieces
Garden twine
Drilling machine plus 2,5 mm drill
Japanese saw
(Golden spray paint)

How to:

Step 1. To make driftwood pieces look neat saw off a little bit from both ends.

Step 2. Spray paint the branches if you like. I used cling film to keep half of the branch without paint. I was spray painting table legs and branches got some paint to the cover at the same time.

Step 3. Drill a hole to one end. Put a loop from garden twine.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

10.12. Folded Wallpaper Baubles

Happy Second Advent Sunday my friends! Folded baubles are a fine decoration for living room sofa table with led lights. When you make a collection of bigger and smaller ornaments they will look amazing in a window. Wallpaper or other strong yet flexible paper is excellent for this project. Wallpaper is durable and keeps it's shape well in bigger paper crafts. In this traditional decoration you could use wallpaper leftovers and mix patterns if you like.

You will need:

Wallpaper leftovers
(yarn and a needle)

How to:

Step 1. Draw 20 circles that have a  4,4 cm (2,5 cm to make a small bauble) radius. Draw a triangle in to the circle: draw a radius and then two more with a 120 degree angle between. Connect the outer points. (see picture)

Step 2. Cut out the circles. Fold the circles following the triangle lines. 

Step 3. Glue circles together from the folded parts. Put a hoop from cotton yarn if you want to hang the ornaments.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

9.12. Marble Ornaments

Happy Saturday and December 9th! It begins to be time to think this year's Christmas tree decorations. What old favorites make it to the tree once again and what new additions could be made. In this Advent Calendar I will show some nature inspired ornament ideas and marble ornament gets to be the first. I got the idea to this stylish Christmas ornament when I wondered what to make with self adhesive marble and wood plastic left overs. Soft color tones work wonderfully with green Christmas tree and modern look is completed.

You will need:

Strong cardboard paper
Self adhesive plastic: marble and wood
Cotton yarn

How to:

Step 1. Make the first argyle to cardboard paper by drawing a cross where 9 cm and 20 cm lines meet at the middle. Draw lines between the outer points and you have an argyle. Cut out the argyle and use it to draw other argyles (in case you want to make more than just one ornament). 

Step 2. Using the argyle as a template draw triangles to the plastic. Cut the triangles and attach one marble and one wood triangle to cover the argyle. Cover both sides.

Step 3. Using a needle put a hoop from cotton yarn.

Friday, 8 December 2017

8.12. Quilted Tablecloth

Two years ago I made the first version of this tablecloth and ever since it has been one of my Christmas favorites. Design is super easy but makes just perfect modern quilt to add to you Christmas table or side table. I love to arrange small buffets on side tables. Nice festive tablecloth, small candy and cookie jars and of course candles. It is easy to make this 103 cm * 46 cm tablecloth longer so it would work as a table runner on a big main table. Two years ago I made a colorful version and now thought to try grey, black and white scale. This color scale allows to use what ever colors in candles and decor: red, purple, green... 90% of the fabrics I used are from thrift store. I really like the fabric in the middle because it was a lots of fun to stitch. You could stitch strict lines or look at the pattern and make creative choices. Both ways to stitch work beautifully!

You will need:

5-6 different fabrics
Back fabric
Sewing yarn
Embroidery yarn
Woolen yarn
Quilting equipment: 
cutting mat, ruler, rotary cutter, pins,
sewing machine, iron, embroidery hoop, needle

How to:

Step 1. First cut the middle piece 94 cm * 30 cm. Then cut 34 6 cm * 13 cm pieces from 4-5 fabrics you have chosen. 

Step 2. Use 0,75 cm sewing allowance. Sew small pieces to four rows, two with 9 pieces and two with 8 pieces. Change the order of the fabric pieces between these rows so that you can put one longer and one shorter row together. Iron the seams open.

Step 3. Sew one shorter row and one longer row together as show in the picture. Do the same to the other pair. Iron well. Cut off the extra pieces from both ends. Sew row pairs to both sides of the middle piece. Iron well.

Step 4. Cut 7,5 cm stripes to both ends and sew. Iron well.

Step 5. Measure the back piece so that it is the same size as the front piece. Put right sides together and sew. Turn the right side out and iron the work. Sew the turning hole by hand. Take embroidery hoop and stitch the middle piece decoratively.

Step 6. Make small tassels/ pompoms of the woolen yarn and sew to the corners, you could also use beads or other decorations.